Sunday, 14 July 2013

DIY Rose Print Floral Nails

Please excuse these awful phone photo's, I have recently misplaced the charger to my camera and therefore have to result to this. Anyway, I hope you like my rose print nails. I'm a sucker for anything girlie and a sucker for nail art too, so as you can imagine, these nails pleased me rather a lot. :)
I wanted to make mine look quite bright so went for a bright blue base coat, but I think this would look really pretty on lilac or any colour really. If you fancy giving it a go then here's how it's done..
Firstly, paint your nails with two coats of your chosen base colour. (I chose Barry M in 'Pure Turquoise')
Then once they're dry, grab your pink/red polish (mine is Rimmel in Hot Shot) and dot around 2-5 random 'splodges' on your nail. Basically rough, messy circles! 
Then the most important part, to transform your splodges to pretty roses. While the pink/red paint is not quite dry, grab some sort of thin tool (I just used a pen that had ran out) and draw into the wet nail polish, making little swishes to form the look of petals. Then use a green polish (mine was BarryM in 'Mint Green') to create little leaves.
There you have it, pretty rose print nails in next to no time! I'm really getting into doing nail art lately and these are my favourite at the moment, as they're perfect for summer. Hope you like this post, would love to hear any other ideas for nail art if you have any.