Sunday, 27 January 2013

To Ombre or not to Ombre?..

I am in desperate need of a hairstyle change. For months I have been trying to get my hair pearly white blonde and I've come to the conclusion that, as I have very pale skin, I don't suit very pale hair and that it's been making me look washed out. So I think I'm going to join the dip dye club! I've been tempted ever since Loreal bought out their DIY Ombre kit, as it looks so easy. I'm just scared that it may go wrong and also, I can't decide whether to have dark blonde to light blonde, or blonde to pale pink ends. These are a few images that have given me the inspiration to have a change, but which colour to go for, I just can't decide!
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE Drew Barrymore's dip dye hair! As I rarely have my hair straight and usually go for the messy look, this is exactly what I would want mine to look like, so I think I may go for light blonde ends to start with and see how it goes.
I'll post some pics of the results once I'm all ombre'd :)

What do you think of dip dye hair? Have you tried Loreal's Ombre kit?

Sophie x


  1. Ombre hair is so gorgeous! I especially like the Drew Barrymore dip dye hairstyle! :)


    1. Thanks for your comment Nathalie :) I love Drew Barrymore's too!
      I've given dip dye a go now and it's turned out well :) x

  2. I used that loreal set to ombre my hair and loved it! love this post xx